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A successful 1st Karting Expo in Adria

A two-day expo at the Adria International Raceway on December 8-9

The balance of the 1st Karting Expo was positive as it represented an unique opportunity for all the people, fans and karting lovers to test our chassis and meet our people.

Birel ART was there with both Rental and Racing departments. Many chassis from all three racing brands: Birel ART, Ricciardo Kart and Kubica Racing Kart were presented with the different Rental models, both electrical and gasoline version and many people had the chance to test the amazing qualities of the different rental chassis.

During the weekend, more than 40 people also tested (for free) the new BMB HAT engines will be used next season in the Trofeo Easykart, the championship promoted by Birel ART: in 2019 BMB Challenge will be added to the 2018 classes 60, 100, 125 Easykart and the non competitive EasyTraining.

Source: Birel Art


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